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You must be a current member of ONDR to race with us. Cost is $30 annually. 
Cars must be 1974 and older. You must sign in to play.
Your car must pass track technical inspections.
Electronic fuel injection allowed on engines that were originally carbureted engines.  Also, electronic fuel injection is allowed for stack style injection and on roots style blowers. These are only allowed on older, originally carbureted engines.
NO DELAY BOXES ALLOWED. All delay boxes must be taken out of cars. No exception.
Data recorders allowed only FOR TIME TRIALS for safety purposes, but must be taken out for elimination rounds.Solenoid shifters & air  shifters allowed in Front Engine Dragsters and Altereds only. These must be manually activated.
Slider clutch data monitoring allowed in time trials only.
Trans-brake and two step allowed in Comp class only. Trans-brakes buttons allowed to be adjustable. Please be sure that all trans-brake wiring is completely trackable from switch to solenoid.
Air activated launch RPM limiter allowed in place of two step in Comp class only.
High speed retard allowed.
Steve Klein is technical advisor and will ensure all cars comply with rules regarding electronics. Cars may be disqualified should they have any of the above “performance enhancing devices”. REMEMBER THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE NOSTALGIA.
Number 1 Rule is still HAVE FUN! If you can’t get past this rule, ONDR is probably not the group for you.

Race Format:
This format will give all racers the opportunity for least one time trial.
The winners will go on to race other winners, the runner-ups (losers) will go on to race other losers.
We now get 3 to 5 random numbers between 1 and 20 from track staff members at the start of each day. The people who sign in at those numbers on the sheets are given spots at the top of the ladder. The remaining spots are filled in the order of the rest of names on the sheet as signed in. The lists then are held until the end of time trials so we can account for missed sign ins, wrong class etc. Then... the ladders are printed, hopefully correctly. Because we are using sportsman ladders it is very unlikely that 2 friends who signed in together would meet each other in the 1st round and more people may get a shot at a bye. Also, the double ladder never was used as you know. Anyone who loses in rounds 1, 2, and 3 is welcome to come back up in the OPEN class to continue racing for practice and fun, at no additional charge.
Points will stop after you have lost. 
Based on the new format, there will not be any consolation races, and you do not have to pay another $10 like you did with the consolation race. 
Race fees will be $15.
All races will be point races ... there is therefore no double dipping ever allowed. (with the exception of Shannonville and their nostalgia program that runs with ours). You have to be a member to race with us.
Every event is a two days points race. Points will be based on  your best 6 points events.
Points setup ... 
2 points for signing in,
2 points per round win,
one more point for class winner. 
TIE BREAKING PROCEDURES FOR FINAL POINTS: If there is a tie in points at the end of the last race of the season, it will be broken down as follows: 1. Most event win points, if still a tie, then 2. Most event runner up points, If still a tie, then 3. Most round points. If still a tie, then 4. Head to head competition. If still a tie, then 5. Furthest in competition at a single event. If still a tie, then 6. The awards will be split between those tied.
Friends you can Support

Jim Madigans pictures site: https://jvm.smugmug.com
Kenny Kroeker: lugnutsmagazine.com
Frank Kunkels Nostalgia drag videos: nostalgiadragvideos.com
Darwin Kent: https://www.facebook.com/darwin.kent.9
Mark Sergison: https://www.facebook.com/mark.sergison.1
Ontario Gassers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/144686139490030/
Martin Thoene: https://www.facebook.com/martin.thoene.5

 Hot Rod (N/HR)
1/8 - 7.63 or slower
1/4 - 11.90 or slower
          Gas (N/G)
1/8 - 6.68 to 7.77
1/4 - 10.40 to 12.10
            Comp (N/C)
1/8 - 6.82 or faster
1/4 - 10.60 or faster
or any speed with a transbrake

Steve Klein     519 -393-8079
Bob Beausoleil     519 -633-5704
Frank Dunton     519-671-7484
Dave Opie     289 -668-7179
Donald Cockwell  1 (519) 502-6953
If you would like to run your car down the track while at an ONDR race there are 2 options:

1. Show cars can make 1/8th mile timed passes in cars which are licensed and driven to the track, against other show participants with a heads up start. A helmet is mandatory. Cost to do this is $ 15 per car. You must sign in at the ONDR booth and run when called by the track.

2. Show cars, 1974 and older, can make racing passes in our OPEN Class, at the distance being run on the day they are at a show. This will be with other show cars and possibly race cars. Drivers must be ONDR members ($30 annually) and cars must pass a basic technical inspection before going down the track. Cost to do this is $15 per car. Again, sign in at the ONDR booth and running in the order called by the track are required.