Visit our group on Facebook

Visit our group on Facebook

An Ontario-based Nostalgia Drag Race Group revolving around ‘good-ole-days’ drag racing, friendship and fun. Open to race 1985 and older vehicles (see full rules), or to become a supporting member even without a car. We offer a points program, and a racing setup that gives you, the racer, a chance.  2022 will be our 19th year!

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Our Major Sponsors

Kevin Trimble wheelie

K.T. Backhoe Services

London Major Appliances - John Vanderhooven

London Major Appliances

OK Tire Lindsay, Andrew Akers
Forrest & Forrest Racing Engines and Machine Shop

Old- school racing.... as it was in the 50's, 60's and up to 1974.

If you have a '74 or older vehicle without NOS or a delay box (see full rules), come see what we have to offer.

New class (started in 2020) for cars/trucks from 1975 to 1985, you can now join in with us as a ‘classic’ class. Gasoline engines only, fastest allowed times are 11.50 (¼ mi) [7.37 ⅛]. SEE RULES PAGE

Don't have a car ?? ... join us anyway. Send $30 for a year's dues and receive our periodic newsletter to keep you up to date. PayPal is available for a total of $31.00 a year.


There is a point system for our members. Even though fun is the number one rule, we do take competition as a fun portion of the race day. Our day ending campfires are usually well attended too! 

We do several newsletters each season with up to date information and reading material.

Friendly Photographers you can Support

Edward Barry:  


Frank Kunkels Nostalgia drag videos: nostalgiadragvideos.com

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